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2017.05.05-XieXieMaster 2.6.6 Released
2016.08.25-XieXieMaster 2.6.4 Released
2016.04.27-XieXieMaster 2.6.2 Released
2016.01.19-XieXieMaster 2.6.0 Released
2010.05.14-XieXieMaster 2.5.18 Released
2009.04.22-XieXieMaster 2.5.17 Released
2007.07.23- Xiexie freeware 2.5 Released
2007.07.23- XieXie Master 2.5.15 Released
2005.08.22- Games from 9th World chinese chess championship in Paris


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Viet Quyen Thuat Style of Vietnamese Kung Fu Pascal Tang was practising

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